5 Signs of Anxiety Disorder

It is very normal to be anxious or nervous every now and then. You may feel nervous or anxious when you speak in public, or when you are facing some financial constraints. For certain individuals, anxious becomes a norm, and it does not cease to occur, it continues to attack you and take over your normalcy. But, how do you know when a person has been suffering from anxiety for a long time, how can you tell when it’s too much. It is difficult to do so because there are so many factors that lead to anxiety, such as phobia, panic attacks, as well as social anxiety. In addition, it is also hard to differentiate between normal anxiety and official diagnosis.

In this articles, you are going to learn some of the signs that may show you have an anxiety disorder. Well, even if you don’t have the condition, you may spot this in another person.

Too much worry

This is one of the main reasons for developing anxiety disorder. It is also the wide form of anxiety. When you find yourself worrying almost every day and certainly every situation then that is a sign. However, how do you when too much is ‘’TOO MUCH’’. In this scenario, it simply means you are anxious all the time and it does not support. The condition persists for more than six months. In addition, the condition becomes too much that it affects your normal life and some of the major symptoms such as fatigue. Well, the best way to differentiate between a normal anxiety and an anxiety disorder is to determine if the condition affects your normal life or not. Does the condition cause suffering or any dysfunction?

5 Signs Of Anxiety Disorder

Sleeping difficulties

Having issues with sleeping is closely related with a broad range of medical condition both psychological and physical. However, sometimes it may be normal. For instance, it may be hard to sleep if you have a presentation or a job interview the next morning. However, if you always find yourself staying awake, agitated or anxiety on certain issues such as money or just worrying for nothing. This is a sign of anxiety. Those who have GAD conditions, more often than not have sleeping difficulties. Another sign of anxiety is that most of the time, you wake up feeling extremely fatigued and the mind is thinking about so many things and you just can’t just stay calm.

Fear of the unknown/ irrational fears

Certain types of anxiety cannot be termed as general because they are closely linked to a particular event or circumstance or a person or creature such as crowds, animals or swimming. If this fear overwhelms a person and it becomes disruptive and causes some of form of risks, then it is a clear indication of a phobia which is form of anxiety. While phobias can be dangerous, they are uncommon. Most of the time a person does not suffer unless a certain event takes place and the person realizes he or she cannot overcome the fear.

Tension in the muscles

There are so many ways through which muscles can become tensed, you can clench your jaw, flex your muscles, or ball your fists. When this keeps happening to you all the time, then you should take not, because it is a sign of anxiety disorder. Sometimes this sign can be pervasive and persistent that if a person has been living with it, forgets to realize it is a symptom.

However, one of the best ways to ease the muscle tension is exercises, but the tension may increase if you get an injury or when something else tampers with the muscles.

Serious indigestion problems

Generally, anxiety begins in the mind and starts to show itself in other parts of the body through symptoms such as indigestion complications, bloating gas, cramping, diarrhea, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and constipation. While Irritable Bowel Syndrome is not often associated with anxiety, it typically happens together and may do more harm than good. Psychological stress has the ability to compromise the stability of the gut. So, both social and physical discomfort of digestive complications may make you feel more anxious than before.

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